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corporate law and restructuring of state owned entities

Tebogo advises various corporate entities regarding regulatory requirements of commercial transactions, compliance with and interpretation of legislation. He acted as the team leader in several transactions regarding the restructuring of state entities such as SITA, PRASA, SABS, MEGA, Land Bank, TIA, an agency of the Department of
Science and Technology.


Tebogo advised on the restructuring of the Landbank which resulted in the formation of the Landbank Insurance Company (LBIC).


Tebogo assisted in the transaction relating to setting up the Industrial Development Zone for the Gauteng Department of Economic Development at ORTIA.


Tebogo, Bonang and Luise acted as attorneys for the National Gambling Board (“NGB”) where they assisted the NGB in negotiating and drafting a Service Level Agreement with the successful bidder for rendering the National Central Electronic Monitoring System for Limited Pay-out Machines in the Republic of South Africa. The contract is worth ZAR 1 billion.


Tebogo and Luise assisted the National Lotteries Commission (“the NLC”) with negotiating and drafting the Third Lottery Licence with the successful bidder. We continue to provide ongoing legal advice to the NLC at our new firm on all issues arising from the License agreement.


Tebogo and Luise continue to assist the NLC with preparation for the Fourth National Lottery Licence, including all aspects which relate to preparation of the RFP document, draft Licence Agreement, arranging for experts to assist with the evaluation and probity of the applications in response to the RFP document.


We have acted on behalf of several medical schemes pertaining to the merger filing requirements from both the Competition Act and Medical Schemes Act perspective. Chief amongst these are the Bonitas and Liberty Medical Scheme Merger; Liberty and Medicover merger; Spectramed and Liberty merger, Sizwe and Hosmed merger as well as providing ongoing advice to the Government Employees Medical Scheme (“GEMS”) in relation to its merger with Medcor.


Tebogo, Bonang and Sayi have been assisting the Construction Industry Development Board (cidb) with the prosecution of the construction firms that concluded settlement agreements with the Competition Commission for failure to comply with the cidb’s own legislative framework prescripts. Bonang also assisted the cidb in formulating and concluding a memorandum of agreement with the Competition Commission.


Tebogo serves as a Government representative trustee of the Tirisano Trust Fund established as a result of a repatriation agreement concluded between the Government of the Republic of South Africa, and some of the higher graded construction firms- which emanated primarily from the cidb prosecutions.


Tebogo supported by Bonang and Luise acted as the lead external legal advisor to Eskom SOC Ltd in a cross border due diligence legal investigation in relation to a potential investment in the Democratic Republic of Congo pertaining to the Construction of Grand Inga Hydro Electricity Plant. In this regard, Tebogo was leading a team
supported by attorneys from another law firm emanating from a twinning arrangement between the two firms.


Tebogo and Bonang were part of a team consisting of two law firms assisting the Passenger Rail Agency of South Africa (PRASA) with the intended transfer of the Blue Train from Transnet SOC Ltd to PRASA. They conducted a legal due diligence and partnered with a financial consultant was responsible for the financial portion of the due diligence. Their mandate included a detailed review of corporate information and commercial contracts, employment litigation and contingent liability matters. They were also responsible for drafting the necessary transactional documents to give effect to the transfer. Tebogo oversaw the project, was responsible for liaising with PRASA, exercised overall responsibilities and oversight of his project team members. Bonang was responsible for assisting Tebogo in the execution of the detailed tasks relating to the due diligence investigation.

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